Single tube IR heat lamp
              Gold coating IR heat lamp
              Reflector IR heat lamp
              Linear IR heat lamp
              Round IR heat lamp
              Carbon fiber IR heat lamp
      Twin tube IR heat lamp
              Short-wave IR heat lamp
              Medium-wave IR heat lamp
              Carbon fiber IR heat lamp
         Twin Tube Lamp (Carbon Fiber)


Carbon fiber infrared heat lamp at high Watts densitiy with response times in terms of
The special and unique heating filament design keep the Carbon lamp offering in the
soonest reaction times. All Carbon infrared lamps offer high surface power densities
and speed up heating processes at high efficiency.
VIRITT Carbon twin tube infrared heat lamp offers infrared rays which by virtue of a gold
reflector can emit heat directly to the product. A gold coating on the lamps reflects the
infrared ray. Consequently the infrared radiation impinging on the product is virtually

Coating, plastics, automotive, textiles, PV industry, glass, food, semiconductors,
wood, printing, infrared cabins.

The table below is the catalogue of Gold Coating Infrared Heat lamp (standard type),
also you could send us your needing suitable to you and we can design the lamp for
you specially.

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