Single tube IR heat lamp
              Gold coating IR heat lamp
              Reflector IR heat lamp
              Linear IR heat lamp
              Round IR heat lamp
              Carbon fiber IR heat lamp
      Twin tube IR heat lamp
              Short-wave IR heat lamp
              Medium-wave IR heat lamp
              Carbon fiber IR heat lamp
         SK15-Base Faston


High-powered heat sources incorporate a tungsten filament within a quartz envelope.
Halogen type, which avoids blackening of tube and consequently infrared depreciation during Lifetime.
Coated to reduce visible glare, improving color rendering and raising infrared output compared to existing
    zone heating lamps.
Substantially lower visible glare level than even ruby and neutral density zone heating lamps.
Narrower diameter (cf. ruby sleeve) for better optical systems and better color rendering and less red color
    appearance than ruby sleeve.
Infrared Helen glare reduction lamps comply fully with the IEC standards.

Highly economical, converting practically all consumed electrical power into heat.  
Improvement is over 10-30% compared to conventional ruby sleeve and neutral density infrared lamps in
    existing luminaries.  
Heat transfer is not affected by draughts or air movement and is noise-free.  
It gives a cleaner environment and no oxygen is consumed, so no extra ventilation is required.

Factories, sports halls, exhibition halls, work areas, churches, large halls, warehouses,storage areas,
    garages, terraces, greenhouses, open air applications, stadiums, camp sites.
Paint drying.

The table below is the catalogue of Gold Coating Infrared Heat lamp (standard type), also you could
send us your needing suitable to you and we can design the lamp for you specially.

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