Single tube IR heat lamp
              Gold coating IR heat lamp
              Reflector IR heat lamp
              Linear IR heat lamp
              Round IR heat lamp
              Carbon fiber IR heat lamp
       Twin tube IR heat lamp
              Short-wave IR heat lamp
              Medium-wave IR heat lamp
              Carbon fiber IR heat lamp

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Export/Import Support

  ◎ Supply specific information of our products including price and packing details;
  ◎ Supply necessary samples;
  ◎ Provide full shipping, inspection documents and banking draft.

Sample Policy

  ◎ Each sample is charged USD20-50 (post or courier fee not included), which
      shall be returned when official order is placed, unless some negotiation.
  ◎ The sample for confirmation before production is provided free of charge when
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After-Sale Services

  ◎ Provide our customer with new product information in regular time;
  ◎ Send our customer questionnaire every three months; summarize and analyze
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  ◎ Visit our long-term customer every six months;
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  ◎ Assume responsibility for the quality problem our customers claim.

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