Single tube IR heat lamp
              Gold coating IR heat lamp
              Reflector IR heat lamp
              Linear IR heat lamp
              Round IR heat lamp
              Carbon fiber IR heat lamp
       Twin tube IR heat lamp
              Short-wave IR heat lamp
              Medium-wave IR heat lamp
              Carbon fiber IR heat lamp
            About Us

An Excellent Manufacturer

We are based in China but we manufacture and export Infrared (IR) heat lamp products
worldwide. We understand that our product is supplied in almost identical specification by
many suppliers so we focus on delivering great service and the lowest price, and we
hope we could offer the professional knowledge and excellent quality to our customers
all the world.


The dedicated focus on delivering a single Infrared heat lamp was a concept we believed
in and our company began produce and sell Infrared heat lamp directly in 1995. In
2002 we added Gold Coating Infrared heat lamp. In 2003 we added Twin tube Infrared
heat lamp products and we have planned to keep our products more greater than before
in 2008. In the past many years, we got much trusts and supports from our customers
all over the world, including England, France, Germany, the USA, Australia and Asia.

Future Goals

In the near future we will be expanding and offering more advanced IR heat lamp products
with the same principles of high specification, excellent service and the lowest price in the
market, directly based on the success of VIRITT Co.

If interested, you can find us in the fastest time by Skype or our MSN:
     Skype ID: irheatlamp
     MSN ID: IRheatech

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